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  • LineKidVille Playset Foldable Mat, Power Pole toy, Transmission Tower figure, Bucket Truck vehicle, My Dads Truck is Cooler Than Yours sticker
  • LineKid Power Pole toy
  • LineKid Power Pole toy figure
  • LineKid Bucket Truck
  • LineKid Bucket Truck toy
  • Transmission Tower toy
  • Transmission Tower toy figure
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LineKidVille Set

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Welcome to LineKidVille where LineKids rule, LineLadies are spoiled, and the days are spent cruising around in bucket trucks and climbing poles and transmission towers!
Each set includes:
  • Our 38.5" x 27"h LineKidVille foldable play mat to make it easy for you to take on the go.
  • One Power Pole - Size: 4"h x 2"w
  • One Transmission Tower - Size: 6"h x 4.5"w
  • One Bucket Truck - Size 3"L
  • And “My Dad’s Truck Is Cooler Than Yours” 2"h outdoor quality sticker.