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Through Storms and Sparks Set

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Introducing the Through Storms and Sparks Set—a special set for LineMen who battle storms to repair the wrath they bring . This set includes:

  1. "Through Storms and Sparks We Leave Our Mark" 3x5' Flag: Show your strength and hard work with this bold flag. It has a powerful image of a lineman facing a storm, perfect for showing your dedication and strength.

  2. LineMan Storm Sticker (3x3" Round): Stick this on your hard hat, tool box, storm bag or anywhere you want. It's a 3-inch round sticker with the same strong image and message as the flag, made to handle tough weather.

  3. Skull Multi-Tool: A handy tool for your everyday needs. Use it to open bottles, as a screwdriver,  nail puller, saw and much more. It's small and light, easy to carry on your keychain, keep in your pocket, car, or in your kitchen drawer.

    Set Includes:

    • 1 x 3x5' Flag
    • 1 x 3x3" Round Sticker
    • 1 x Skull Multi-Tool Black

    Get the Through Storms and Sparks Set and show the world what a bad@ss you are! Perfect gift for your LineMan when he returns from storm or to fly that flag while he's gone as a symbol of his bravery. Order now before they sell out. Limited stock available.